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Winter Soldier #10 by Steve Epting




Mar 5th
Today I witnessed something amazing. Almost in stark contrast to yesterday, today I saw tangible impact of lady-representation in comics.

At the bookstore I work at, we have a dedicated Adventure Time section. This family came in and those kids were SO EXCITED to see their favourite characters in comics. I talked them through each OGN and series compilation, explaining what they all were and in what order they should be read, and this little girl’s entire life was changed. You could see it on her face.

The moment I mentioned Kate Leth (and that, yes, she is a girl.) this little girl’s face lit up like Christmas morning. I don’t know if it just never occurred to her that girls can work in comics but the excitement and wonder that left the store in her was a privilege to see. I ended up selling them the Fionna & Cake’s, all the OGN’s, and an AT doodle book. She left begging her dad to help her learn how to draw Marceline comics. (And he was happy to comply!)

Kate Leth has left an everlasting impression on this little girl just by existing and working in the industry. I honestly hope to someday be able to see such an impact on someone from my own work. Ladies in comics is important. The representation on the page, and behind them, is important. Having a reflection of yourself in the content you enjoy is important. I hope that little girl grows up to be a famous comic author someday.

It was a very good day.

I don’t even know what to say, I think my heart exploded. This is, I think, the best response I could ever hope for.

Thank you.


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*whispers* no idea what this is but omg gorgeous

Fisheye Placebo by yuumei.

she’s also on tumblr

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Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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Dead Letters #1-3 covers by OOSA artist chrisvisions and alternate covers by d-pi.

I love how the two covers for each issue (particularly #2 and #3) compliment each other both in color scheme and layout.

The monthly series from Boom! Studios written by Christopher Sebela with interior art Chris Visions starts next month.

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she’s getting ready to go on a date, can you guess who with? i’ll give you a hint: it starts with ‘p’ ends in ‘atsy walker’. also if you’re wondering who’s on the phone it’s my inability to draw collarbones calling bring bring please pick up.

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"The problem is that language does not equal ethnicity."

I must go on standing
You can’t break that which isn’t yours.

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"let’s play house today. wallpaper kiss lampshade." &
"sunday morning parade. sleeping through church and state."
18x24” 4 color screenprints
available at FOE Gallery in Northampton MA on May 9th as part of my opening.

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A very special commission for the very special and very talented Becky Cloonan

FUCKING YES!!!! So going on my wall!!!!! give it to meeeee *grabby hands forever*